UK Urban Air Mobility Consortium Project

Research and development in future flight capabilities

The UK UAM Consortium members, Eve, NATS, Heathrow Airport, London City Airport, Skyports, Vertical Aerospace, Volocopter and Atech, are working together as part of the CAA’s Future Air Mobility Regulatory Sandbox – a test-bed environment for research and development in future flight capabilities.  

To meet the growing demand for sustainable transportation, this consortium of leading aviation organisations are working together to develop a clean, safe and practicable electric air taxi ecosystem for the UK. 

Working alongside local authorities, the consortium will explore how eVTOLs (electric vertical take-off and landing) can safely transport passengers from London City Airport to Heathrow Airport with stops at several ‘vertiports’ along the route. Today, intra-city flights are limited, and the routes are designed specifically for helicopters, so the project aims to demonstrate the benefits that eVTOL-specific routes could bring.  

Developing a realistic operating environment for this service will require the project team – including Airports Safety, Future Technology, London City Airport, Operational Requirements & Acceptance and Safety Transformation – to design a fully integrated ecosystem. It will need to include appropriate airspace design and procedures, software systems and ground infrastructure, all of which must be feasible and safe in an urban environment as complex as London.   

The data from these simulations will not only provide a draft framework for future flight tests, but also highlight regulatory gaps and challenges that will help the CAA to shape future regulations. The resulting Concept of Operations (CONOPS) will also provide a strategic roadmap to support the development of urban and regional air mobility operations across the UK.  

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Potential benefits

Enhanced safety

Increased airspace access

Improved environment

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